I ran into Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils by accident.  A friend mentioned them  in a casual conversation and I latched on to the name of the oil “Magnify Your Purpose” and wanted to know more.


This tips page is from my personal experience only.  I am not a doctor or certified aromatherapist or anything like that.  I am a mom who found out what works for my son and wants to share it with others to help the symptoms of Autism.

1)  Use Peace and Calming for any tantrums, transitions, or bedtime (on feet).  And see tip 6.


2) Peace and Calming is also great in the bath.  Mix with Epsom Salts and put in bathwater (my son screams any time water goes near his head or face and this helps tremendously).  I go through a lot of Peace and Calming.


3) If Peace and Calming at bedtime stops working, or doesn’t work for your particular child, use Grounding on the feet instead.  Interchange every week or month, depending on how long each will keep working.  Never mix blended oils, use one at a time.

Also at bedtime, ALWAYS put three to five drops of Lavender on his/her pillow. 


4) To prevent nightmares, use a smear of White Angelica on every wall, inside every closet wall, inside and outside all doors, including closet doors, inside the door jam on all sides, on  the windowsill, drop a couple of drops under the bed and on sheets. Do this during the day, so you won’t be mixing blended oils all at once at nightime.  Trust me, White Angelica’s energy stays for at least 24 hours (if not 48, when I do this).  I have never seen a more remakable response from anyone as I have from my son.  He has an incredible feel for energy in a room, unlike any I have ever seen before.

White Angelica can also be used for protection of instances, like a dentist office that he is afraid of (although Peace and Calming can work too).  I put a drop of White Angelica on both shoulders, chest, and back, just between the shoulders.  This is supposed to be like a coat of armor over the body, and as far as I’ve seen, it does wonders.


5) For school time, Brainpower. Clarity, Cedarwood, Vetiver, are all great.  Frankincense is supposed to be great for the brain too, but Seth can’t stand that one.  All of the above oils are good for focus and concentration and all have a specifically good effect on children’s creativity.  Put a few drops on the brainstem and behind ears before school, make him smell them (one only, of course).  Citrus Fresh is great for children’s creativity.  If he has a shadow, she might be able to put more on a couple of times during the day.  This depends on the open-mindedness of the teacher and school.


6) For excessive obsessions about a change in routine, driving route, future task that he is dreading, use Awaken.  It has Present Time in it as well as a lot of other great stuff and Seth usually gets over whatever obsession he is having at the time in seconds.  Put on outside of ears to stop anxiety.


7) For fevers, my son loves when I put Peppermint in his forehead, neck, chest, and back. Eucalyptus Radiata feels good too.  You can use these in cool compresses, or a cool bath.  Diffuse Theives or Exodus II into the room many times a day.  Never put Theives on a child’s skin, it is a hot oil and it will burn the child, even if it doesn’t feel hot to you.  Trust me, I learned the hard way.

If the child has bad chest congestion, diffuse Raven, R.C., or Purification (great for quitting smoking) many times a day throughout the day.  I haven’t tried Eucalyptus Radiata, but I can imagine that it would work very well.


8) For cuts and scrapes, my son won’t let me near him with a bottle of peroxide, but he trusts the oils, so he lets me put on Lavender, which is the best thing I have ever seen to stop bleeding and heal a cut.  It does work as an antiseptic, at least that’s what I have been told.  Also good for burns, bruises, and scrapes.


9)To keep the kids calm in the car, use Peace and Calming in the car diffuser (available at the Abundant Health website).


The best essential oils book I have found (Essential Oils Desk Reference, 4th edition), available at Abundant Health website will tell you other oils to use would be Valor, sandalwood, and melissa. 

For ADD, use all above mentioned and cardamom, peppermint, ledum, Joy, and Longevity.


All oils should be applied neat to skin multiple times a day (Seth gets at least 6 applications to his skin a day)  and should be diffused in his presence for 15 minutes at a time  4-6 times a day.

For nutritional supplements drink Berry Young Juice (Ningxia Red is the same thing), Wolfberry Crisp, Essentialzyme, Polyzyme, Immupro, Powermeal.

This information is also from the Essential Oils Desk Reference.  I hope this helps parents.  I have seen miracle changes in Seth within seconds of using these oils.  I can’t describe to you the change that I have seen in this boy, and I saw it happen overnight, and it still continues to work. 

Depending on how extreme the situation is you may need to use more than a few drops, but I rarely have experienced this.


Remember: I am not a doctor, certified aromatherapist, or any kind of healer.  This is not meant to diagnose, treat, or prescribe any ailment or condition.  I am a parent of an autistic child and I wish to share my experience with other parents.

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