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A FEW FIBROMYALGIA EXPERIENCES – Note: You’ll see that Young Living’s Sulfurzyme is found repeatedly in
these testimonials along with other things. Sulfurzyme is a powder made of MSM
and wolfberries. It’s life-changing!
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Sulfurzyme is good for fibromyalgia. My grandmother suffered from intense
pain for 30 some years with it. After she started taking the Sulfurzyme
powder in water, she saw dramatic results. After one month no pain, she’s been
buying Sulfurzyme ever since, and that was 10 months ago!
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Hope this is of some help. I will try to list some main points that I have
used for fibromyalgia. There are many modalities I use. A lot of it is
trial and error. Each of us is an individual, and what works on one, may not on
another. Here goes:

Exercise: Swimming has worked well for me. I have severe knee problems and
water exercise is not painful, as there is no weight bearing. I try my best
to reduce my stress levels. Emotions almost certainly play a role in
fibromyalgia. I am a Reiki practitioner. I meditate and do positive affirmations

AlkaLime has worked well for me. Keeping the pH alkaline helps with pain
control. Sulfurzyme is another supplement which has helped tremendously in
raising my energy levels and reducing pain. It has also made my nails grow

Diet is very important! Eliminate, all sugars, all carbohydrates, eat lots
of live foods, fruits veggies, sprouts and they should all be organic. Drink
plenty of pure water.
I use Young Living’s Stevia Tincture for a sugar substitute. I also use a
couple of drops of lemon oil in my water. It’s yummy. I look forward to
drinking it. Eliminate all sodas!!!

For relief of muscle pain the following oils have worked well for me:

Valor on the bottom of my feet to start. Then I layer Ortho Sport (YL
massage oil), and Relieve It essential oil blend — or PanAway and then Relieve
It. The latter is now my all-time favorite. I continue to experiment with
different oils. It’s not only fun, but the aromatherapy itself is heavenly.
The application of moist heat after layering the oils is beneficial as it
drives the oils deeper into the body.

I always inhale each oil from my hands after I apply it
Always in Love and Light, ~~ Judi
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I am a little prejudiced here because I love lavender oil and use it for
practically everything, and it works. But my
painful burning sensation in my hips due to fibromyalgia is to run a hot bath
with about six or eight drops of YL’s lavender oil with a couple drops of
peppermint and soak for ten minutes. It always relieves the pain for me…. Give
it a try!

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My husband is also afflicted with fibromyalgia. He started on Sulfurzyme
several months ago. He is so much better! In fact, I wrote a book review on
Amazon.com for Dr. Ronald Lawrence’s book, The Miracle of MSM, the Natural
Pain Solution. In case you are not aware, the very same Dr. Lawrence that
authored the book with another writer became a distributor with our WONDERFUL
company. He also has spoken at several of the Young Living conventions.
We also use the usual oils that are recommended for deep tissue pain and
back pain. I always start with Valor as I want Jack to be balanced and it
smells so wonderful! I follow with wintergreen for bone pain. Then I use
marjoram for muscles.
When I’m finished with those oils, I use Young Living’s V-6 Mixing Oil to
give a general feel-good massage on his neck, back and front of legs. The last
three weeks, he’s been having pain like he hasn’t had in a very long time.
It’s caused from having an extra and very small vertebra at the bottom of his
spine. I now add helichrysum and sometimes frankincense to the regimen.
It’s a great help to him and I’m eternally grateful to Young Living for giving
us hope!


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