Cancer Testimonials

 These are amazing stories, and as far as I know, ALL TRUE!  It’s very important to know that YOU as an individual will interact with certain oils differently that others.  You will not know what oil is right for you until in contact with it, although Lavender is said to be great to fight off Breast Cancer amongst others.  Of course you can buy these oils HERE,  And more importantly than that, it’s my wish that you find HOPE, my friends.  Go with love and my very best wishes of healing and happiness.

Dear Friends,
15 months ago my wife, Linda, was diagnosed with lung cancer. The x-ray
showed a near lemon-size tumor with tufts of finger-like growths
extending all around the tumor in the upper right lobe of the lung. To
make certain the growth wasn’t a fungus, the doctor ordered a blood
test, which came back negative as a fungus. Her doctor was then 98%
certain the tumor was malignant.
Linda was then scheduled for lung surgery the following week. The
surgeon told us he would remove the upper half of her right lung and
that of her lymph glands. I remember we drove home both scared to death
of what was happening. We were confident the surgeon could do his job
okay, but had serious doubts about Linda not catching a lethal staph
infection while in the ICU. Staff infection is a very common problem,
which has proved more lethal then the cancer for some. We shared this
concern with the surgeon, but he shrugged it off.

We are both believers in God’s Word that He is our Healer,
so we immediately gave her cancer over to Him for healing.
We prayed fervently with conviction, andapplied the essential oil blend
known as Raven over her chest and upper back. We also used other oils,
but Raven was the oil Linda wanted, so we followed her intuition and
stayed with Raven.

Within a day or two, we called the surgeon’s office to decline the
surgery. Needless to say, his nurse did all she could to persuade us to
re-consider. Two months after the first x-ray was taken to the day,
Linda had another chest x-ray taken. To the doctor’s amazement, the
tumor had shrunk to the size of a walnut. He was dumbfounded, because as
he said, “This doesn’t happen.”

We continued in prayer and anointing with Raven. Two months
later another x-ray revealed the tumor had shrunk to the size of a pea.
The entire floor of the clinic, housing many doctor’s and their staff by
now had heard of the “miracle girl,” as they called her. One nurse wept
openly as she hugged Linda. No one in this clinic had ever heard of a
lung tumor going into remission without medical intervention.

Today, March 22, 2000, a new x-ray showed no visible sign of the tumor,
her lungs are absolutely clear. Linda’s surgeon, who never operated on
her, told us this is the first time he had ever witnessed such a
healing. He could not give any medical reason for what his eyes clearly
told him had happened. He just kept looking at all her x-rays and
shaking his head as in disbelief.

We give God praise, for we owe Linda’s life to His love
and will to heal her. We also attribute the therapeutic action of the
Raven blend of essential oils. Not only did it have a direct effect on
the cancer, it allowed Linda to breathe much easier. Used together as a
healing modality, we believe prayer and healing oils are without equal.

Linda’s story of beating lung cancer is a matter of pictorial, tested
and written record. Her medical records are on file at Rockford Health
Clinic in
Rockford, Illinois. Her doctors are Dr. Rogers, Dr. Mellies
and Dr. William Sacksteder, who I am certain must be sharing Linda’s
story with his Fellows this day.

Please share this story of healing with others.

Jim Lynn
Rockford, IL

Submitted with permission by:
Ruth Rathbun




I developed a Squamous Cell Carcinoma on my chest, the size of a pine nut. With Frankinsense oil that I rubbed 3 times a day it literly fell off..this took about 10 days roots and all.
Aude Espourteille



I had an amazing experience with lavender oil. I had a basal cell carcinoma on my chest (Skin cancer). After it was removed, I developed a keloid(overgrown scar tissue) which was very itchy. I went back to the doctor, who injected me with steroids, to minimize the scaring. Unfortunately, he put too much in andthe skin atrophied all aroundthe area, leaving me with a hole about the size of the end of my little finger, in the middle of my chest. I went to a new dermatologist, who said that further treatment might make matters worse. I had heard about the healing properties of lavender so wanted to try it. I put it on twice a day for two weeks, andthe entire hole ‘closed up’. My skin was completely smooth with no sign of a hole at all.


I went back to the dermatologist to show him. He admitted it was a miracle, but because the ‘experiment’ was not done ‘scientifically’, he could not say for sure that it was the lavender that did it. But, I can! 



PDR Protocol
Lung Cancer
Single Oils:
* Frankincense with sage, myrrh, clove, raven. or hyssop.
* Frankincense with ImmuPower.

Essential Oil Program:

Day I: Begin diffusing frankincense and R.C. Use 20 drops frankincens e
and R.C. in rectal implant.

Day 2: Use equal parts frankincense and Raven in rectal implant.

Day 3: Use equal parts frankincense and lavender in rectal implant.

Day 4: rectal implant: frankincense.

Day 5: Use equal parts frankincense and R.C. in rectal implant.

Rest 2 days before continuing. If an improvement is not detected, do

Alternate in rectal implant

* Eucalyptus globulus: 10 drops
* Frankincense: 10 drops
* Peppermint and frankincense: 10 drops
* Tangerine: 40 drops
* Cypress: 10 drops
* Peppermint: 5 drops

Diffuse oil combination used in rectal implants consistently

Recipe I:
* 10 drops clove
* 5 drops frankincense

?Put in a capsule and take as dietary supplement or dilute in 1 tsp.
Mixing Oil or Massage Oil Base and use in a full?body massage. Altern
with clove and lavender every day for a minimum of 7 days in massage

Recipe 2:
* 2 drops sage
* 4 drops myrrh
* 5 drops clove
* 6 drops Raven
* 5 drops frankincense

Mix in =BD oz. (1 tbsp.) V-6 Mixing oil or Massage Oil Base. Use en
syringe to implant and retain through the night.

Rub ImmuPower up the spine daily. Apply compress on back and chest tw

Supplements: Super C, K & B, Goji Berry Tea Super
Cal, and Essential

Take daily Super C 30 to 40 capsules, dandelion tea, raw lemon juice,
red clove tea, K & B. and Goji Berry Tea.

Edema: Super
Cal, Essential Manna, pomegranate juice, or organic





I don’t know why I didn’t add these two posts to the other
one I sent. Guess I was in too big a hurry. This will answer
your question.
Edith Chupp
For cancer use equal parts of Balsam and Frankincense, 6 times a day
topically, 6 capsules internally. 00 capsules in the health food store hold
22 drops, 11 drops in each capsule.
At the clinic, Gary uses these oils internally, rotating every 3 days a
different pair:
Frankincense and Balsam

Frankincense and Tsuga

Frankincense and Ledum

Frankincense and Lavender

Frankincense and Clove

Use 2 at same time, then switch to next one for 3 days, then switch to next
one for 3 days. Why? Because cancer cells can create their own immunity.
Rotate to keep cancer cells in shock, no time to create an immunity. This
must be done often daily and depending on the size of the tumor can take up
to 6 months to rid the body of it. Some take less time, some take more. Be
patient and keep the “Intent” clear on clearing the body from the cancer and
it will work.

The Malignancy Recipe from his talk entitled Wellness Support and available
on one of the breakout session CDs. These amounts are 00 capsules and you
take each type for 3 days. Start with one capsule and if all goes okay,
increase the number. Muscle test or dowse for how many a day.

Each capsule:

1st 3 days: Frankincense,

Tsuga Oil.
2nd 3 days: Frankincense,

Ledum Oil
3rd 3 days: Frankincense,

Lavender Oil
4th 3 days: Frankincense,

Idaho Balsam Fir
5th 3 days: Frankincense,

Clove Oil
6th 3 days: Frankincense,

Sandalwood Oil.
(No mention was made as to how many of these rounds one would need.)
Use variations with rectal implants, vaginal implants. Each individual
person is different; reacts differently. Cleansing bowel and liver goes
along with all of this. You Are What You Eat! Imagine plenty of raw foods
and juicing.






All testimonials are from Young Living Essential Oil users.  These are their own experiences.  They are not meant to diagnose or treat any form of cancer.



Yet more wonderful cancer testimonials!


These statements were sent to me in an email.  New testimonials are important to share.


“These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Products and

techniques mentioned are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent

any disease.”


Information provided here is in no way intended to replace proper medical help. Consult

with the health authorities of your choice.


Don’t expect the same results unless you are using Young Living Therapeutic

Grade essential oils and supplements. Also each person is different so they

may not work as well for you as it does for others so try another oil or supplement

that would work better for you.




lung cancer

Posted by: “Vallea Rose,” Vallea@PretentiousPoodle.Com rosevallea

Sun Jun 22, 2008 5:35 am (PDT)

Good Morning Everyone,

My father had 3 liters of fluid drained off the outside of his left lung, doctors are assuming as lab work not back yet 4 stage lung cancer. Last years lung x-rays were clean.

Not sure what he’ll choose to do. My mother died of cancer as well in 89.

What has anyone else done in this situation?

Thank you,



ImmuPro — one lady took 18 ImmuPro tablets a day for her uterine, breast and

brain cancer in 3 month all symptom gone.




Subject:Mircale with oils: Lung Cancer


Thought you guys might want to send this out. How wonderful our oils



Hi Everyone,


One of our group sent this to me from a client of hers who introduced

her uncle to the oils. Just another reason why I am so passionate

about this modality and all it can do for those who embrace it.

Please share what you know with all who are open to hearing it. We

have so much to give to others.


Blessings and abundant health,





I need to share a truly amazing miracle with you. My uncle–who was

diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer in August–called last week to let

us know that he had just been to the doctor for follow-up after his third

round of chemotherapy. (He is scheduled for six rounds, 5 hours each, three

weeks apart) His tumor occupied the entire upper lobe of his left lung, was

in his ribs and lymph nodes when I sent down a box of oils in early

September. I mixed one special blend (RC, clove, myrrh and frankincense)

specified in the Essential Oils Desk Reference, and also had him use ImmuPower once

a day on his spine with a warm compress. In addition, I suggested he use

drops of pure frankincense on his feet, and PanAway in a V-6 base on his

shoulder, where much of his discomfort was localized because of the tumor. (The

oils were introduced slowly so he could acclimate to each of the oils. My

aunt has been with him since he was diagnosed and has been carefully

applying the oils for him each day).


So…back to his call last week. The tumor on his lung–93% of it is



The tumor in his lymph nodes…absolutely no sign of it. The doctor is

stunned. Stage four is the final stage of cancer, and my uncle is

going to beat it. I have no doubt that his road to recovery/remission has been

paved by a combination of conventional cancer therapy, a wonderful oil

called frankincense and a lot of prayers.

Terry Quigley, M.S.

Certified Holistic Health Practitioner




Lung Neoplasm

I wanted to post my testimony in it’s original form since it has been 8 years since all this happened. We have been using oils ever since, but this was a miracle and everyone needs to hear about it. There are a total of 3 original emails that I am posting below. Have faith!


1st letter


Subject: (no subject)


Hi everyone,


I have tried to put all 3 emails together for clarity. I hope this helps someone in the way that we have been helped. The Lord has been so good to us and we would like to give back some of what we have received.


As a side note, we have copies of all the radiologist reports and copies of x-rays. We didn’t just imagine all this.


Thanks to all,


Clint & Debbie Spangler



1st letter, early May


I have been putting off posting about my husband but we are quickly coming to our mental deadline and so I want to be sure I am doing everything correctly.


First, a little history. Feb 4thmy husbandwas told they found a mass in his left lung. He has had extensive testing done including cat-scan and biopsy andstill we are not sure what it is. The biopsy just came back with blood and no cancer cells and we were sure it was and answer to prayer (the mass was 3 cm). Trouble is, there is a very little thing very close to it that has a very different appearance and it is too little to biopsy. Surgeon wants to take it out by taking pie shaped incision of lung out, some lymph nodes and test immediately and possibly remove bottom left node of lung. Lung specialist says wait awhile. GP say assume its cancer till proven different. So, we decided to wait till June 3 and have another cat-scan andsee if it is growing. About 1 month ago, I stumbled upon the oils and decided to make a valiant effort to get rid of this thing. We didn’t tell any of you at first, but recently have told Jean and Maurice(our sponsors). (Didn’t want pressure from anyone). So, here’s what we are doing. Would appreciate any comments about what else to do or not to do.


He started Doctor Friedman’s program (for about 10 days) andwe rubbed his back (over the lung mass) with frankincense and lavender (or clover) and immune power on his spine twice a day. About 10 days into it, he resolved himself to start the rectal implants described on page 237 in the PDR. Today we are starting the liver cleanse andparasite cleanse. All this time we have continued with the backrubs of oils.


So, there you have it.


Now, I am down to about 2 weeks and starting to get nervous, so would appreciate any comments about what I am doing right or wrong.




2nd letter


I would like to start this with a note of praise. When my husband and I found the essential oils, we felt like the Lord had directed us this way. We said at the start, that no matter what happened, we would give the Lord praise because we felt his hand leading and guiding us. I wrote earlier and just gave facts as to how we were treating Clint’s tumor and failed to tell you how very important prayer had been in that treatment. Today I just want to thank God so much. Clint’s tumor is gone! He had his cat-scan today and there is just a little residual matter left. We can’t thank God enough.


I want to thank all of you for your help. Even though you didn’t know about it for a long time, I read this oil email diligently and adjusted his treatment accordingly. We are going to continue on with the treatment a little longer because the doctor reading the cat-scan this time was not aware of Clint’s background and said the residual matter would probably stay. He didn’t know Clint had had a biopsy and he said it was probably just a viral infection. Said cancer would not go away like that unless we were using chemo. We told him we were using essential oils and he said he wouldn’t give that a grain of salt. But we know what was there and we know what God and the oils did. So, we are giving his x-rays to another doctor to look at that is familiar with us and has been directing us (his sister works for him) and will have him go over them thoroughly. We will continue with the rectal treatment a little longer. He is going to start a liver cleanse this week. Did a parasite cleanse last week?


But we both saw the cat scan today (the before and after pictures) and there is a definite change for the good. We are ever so thankful.




Letter #3


hi everyone,


Just wanted to give you all another update on Clint’s neoplasm. One month ago (or there about), I wrote and told you all how Clint’s spot on his lung has shrunk up to almost nothing. Well, about 1 week later, we got a call from the lung specialist insisting that he go back in for yet another cat scan.


Told us it was urgent and led us to think that maybe there was something new they hadn’t told us. So we went Saturday. And much to our delight, it was even smaller than before. Had a radiologist that had seen us before and he was quite talkative? Asked him why we were there and he couldn’t figure it out. Said the spot was so small that they had to be very careful about where to shot the cat scan just to pick it up. Believes what is left will always be there but said for our piece of mind to have another chest x-ray in about a year. Told us we wouldn’t even have to do a cat scan if we didn’t want to.


We are so happy about this. The oils have been a miracle sent from God. We believe the lung specialist must have been so surprised that he thought they missed it somehow. We both are highly recommending this to everyone.


Using the oils has been the best decision of our lives. Back in March the surgeon wanted to remove part of Clint’s lung. How thankful we are that we didn’t allow that.


Thanks so much to all of you that have prayed and supported us.


Clint & Debbie Spangler


October 17, 2007

As an update, Clint had an xray for life insurance this year(because they saw his history) and there was nothing there!! He actually was approved for the insurance andthey had gone over him with a fine tooth comb. I can’t speak enough about the oils!!



Subject: Lung cancer


Here is what I have on file—-Nancy Sanderson



When using the oils and blends just alternate so the body doesn’t

get use to them.


Third edition of the EDOR Page 304


Lung Cancer


Single oils:


Ledum, orange, frankincense, Idaho balsam fir, ravensara, sage




Raven, R.C., Longevity, ImmuPower


Lung Cancer Blend #1:


4 drops frankincense

3 drops sage

3 drops myrrh

3 drops clove

2 drops ravensara

2 drops hyssop


Lung Cancer Blend #2:


6 drops R.C.

5 drops clove

4 drops myrrh

5 drops frankincense

2 drops sage


EO Application:



Diffuse 15 minutes 3-4 times daily




Capsule –00size, 1 capsule 3 times daily




RECTAL nightly retain for 8 hours


Lung Cancer Regimen:


Day 1: Diffuse frankincense and R.C. for 1 hour 3 times a day.

Make a rectal implant by diluting 10 drops of each of these two

oils with 1 Tbsp V-6 Oil and retain overnight.


DAY 2: Same as day 1, using frankincense and R.C. in rectal implant.


DAY 3: Same as day 1, using frankincense and lavender in rectal implant.


DAY 4: Same as day 1, using 20 drops frankincense in a rectal implant


Rest 2 days before continuing. If no improvment is detected, omit rest days and

begin again.


Alternate oils for retention enema, use (add any one of the following oils to

1 tsp of olive oil):


* Eucalyptus Globulus: 10 drops

*Frankincense 10 drops

* Peppermint & frankincense: 5 drops

*Idaho balsam fir: 20 drops

*Cypress: 10 drops


Diffuse regularly during the day the same oil combinations (neat) that are

used in the retentian enema for that night.


Rub ImmuPower up the spine daily. Apply warm compress on back and chest

twice daily:


Dietary Supplementation:


Super C, ImmuPro, Super Cal, NingXia Red ( 8 oz a day), Alpha lipoic acid, K & B

(to support the Kidneys)


Supplementation regimen:


take 10 to 20 Super C Chewable daily, dandelion tea, raw lemon juice, red clover tea, and K & B.


If edema is a problem include: Super Cal, NingXia Red, MegaCal, or organic bananas.



Taken from EODR 4th Edition



1.. ImmuPro

2.. Dried Ningxia Wolberries

3.. Essential oil of Balsam Fir

4.. NingXia Red

Essential oils with the broadest spectrum anti-cancer acitivity

(Breast, cervical, skin, prostate , etc.), Oils are ranked according

to their potency.

1.. Thyme

2.. Sandalwood

3.. Grapefruit

4.. Hyssop

5.. Tarragon



The link between cancer and inflammation ha been strengthened in

recent years. It is well known that the salicylatd in aspirin which

have highly anti-inflammatory effects reduce the risk of colon cancer

dramatically. The natural salicylated found in the essential oil of

wintergreen are very close in structure to athe acetyl salicylic acid

found in aspirin. According to Erica Leibert of Harvard University,

wintergreen oil is 40% stronger than an aspirin equivalent with very

similar anti-inflammatory properties.


Clove has been researched as a potential chemopreventive agent for

lung cancer, because of its powerful anti-inflammatory effects. The

biochemical alpha humulene, found in balsam fir essential oil and copaiba

essential oil, has als been shown to have significant cancer prevention

properties through its anit-inflammatory action.


Boswellic acids found in Frankincense gum resin also have powerful anti-

infammatory effecfs. Myrrh gum has been studied for its ability to combat

various cancers, included breast cancer.



1.. Wintergreen

2.. Frankincense gum resin

3.. Myrrh gum resin

4.. Clove essential oil

5.. Frankincense essential oil

6.. Myrrh essential oil


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