Chemicals , heavy metal and cleansing with essential oils

Petrochemicals and heavy metals stored in our tissues and fat cells have a
direct action in altering the reception signals to the receptors, blocking
and impeding their action. (When receptors get bound, hormones don’t produce
adequately and cells cannot replicate effectively any more -altered protein
synthesis takes place producing abnormal cells) Essential oils have the
ability to regulate the message from the ligands to the receptor sites and
to clear the blocked receptors. Oils high in phenols will digest
petrochemicals, clearing them from the receptor sites. In addition, some
essential oils have the ability to draw heavy metals out of the tissues and
the brain. According to Dr. Friedman, MD, some of the oils have the ability
to pass the blood/brain barrier.

Important to note is, that people who get an instant headache from inhaling
the essential oils usually have a blockage related to heavy metals or
synthetic chemicals and may be suffering from significant petrochemical
and/or heavy metal accumulations in the brain.

Another product, which I recommend to be taken daily, is VitaGreen. Just
open two capsules and empty the powder in hot water and drink as a tea,
twice daily. Wonderful! This product not only absorbs the mercury lodged
in your intestinal lining, but also crosses the blood-brain barrier and
removes mercury from your brain. Dr. Terry Friedmann, M.D., A.B.H.M.

Following is a description of the four primary oils that are generally used
in heavy metal detoxification. Juva Cleanse (a blend of Ledum, Helichrysum
and Celery seed)
Helichrysum, Idaho Balsam Fir and Coriander.


This oil blend has become one of the most important Young Living oils
addressing heavy metal detoxification. It contains: Helichyrsum, Celery
seed, Ledum

Ledum (shown in clinical studies to protect the liver and improve bile
function) functions as an enzyme and digests the fat cells in the liver

Helichyrsum, acts as a major chelating agent of metallics and chemicals

Celery seed is a diuretic and purges/ transports the water out of the fat
cells as well as addressing the microbes that feed on the heavy metals

Ledum and Helichyrsum are synergistic – dissolving fat cells, that hold the
toxins, releasing them out of the liver into the colon (colon cleansing is
crucial to!)

Gary Young developed this blend originally to help his wife Mary release
from her blood a heavy load of uranium, lead and mercury, (unknowingly
exposed during her early years whilst working in gold mines in
America). Gary Young was convinced that assisting and supporting the liver
is the number one step in any detoxification program. Juva Cleanse is a
most powerful liver cleanser as well as a nerve tonic.

After using Juva Cleanse orally in capsules (one per day – 2 caps a day
maximum) and or rectally by use of a small needle-less insulin syringe, as
well as rubbing the oil on the liver area directly, Mary was relieved of
her decade-long headaches. At the Young Life Clinic Juva Cleanse has become
the #1 detox oil for heavy metals and petro-chemicals. Juva Cleanse becomes
even more powerful, when it is added to the Raindrop treatment during a
heavy metal detox program.



A long term favorite in heavy metal detoxification. Its properties are
remarkable: regenerates tissue, improves circulation, stimulates liver cell
function, removes plaque from the veins and arteries and regenerates nerves!
Rub on feet, inhale, a drop under the tongue.


Addresses the inflammatory conditions that are often associated with mercury
pollution in the oral cavity. Before the Juva Cleanse blend was made, Gary
Young has said that in his experience it is the only known substance to
remove heavy metals from the brain and had advised taking it internally in a
capsule or in rice milk, in order to achieve this. It is also an
anticoagulant and helps clear throat/lung/ anticoagulant and helps clear
infections. A good tonic for scoliosis/lumbago/ infections. A good ton
accumulations of toxins and metals in the spinal area, (on which microbes
feed) and pain in general (both physical and emotional). It is a favorite
addition in the raindrop technique.


The oil is made from the seeds. Like the plant itself, it can help move
metals out of the brain, especially mercury. Diluted it has a pleasant herby
taste. It lends itself well to be used in recipes, where it can serve as a
continuous protector from our daily exposures to heavy metals (see the
attachment: Detox recipe).


Gary Young is quoted to say: The Melissa oil will be one of the most useful
oil in counteracting the upcoming chemical pollution. So precious it is,
that it has been said to be superior to rose oil. Melissa fights viral
infections and raises the body’s ability to heal and let go of toxins on a
physical as well as emotional level. It is a key ingredient in the Young
Living product MULTIGREEN, a Young Living supplement formulated to address a
wide spectrum of toxicity including heavy metals.

(These ideas come from customers of Young Living and one is from Gary Young himself.)

This information is not meant to prescribe, treat, or diagnose, I am not a doctor.Ā  I hope that you take this information and use it at your discretion.

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